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Ion Implantation And Plasma Etching


Ion implantation and plasma etching

SIAMC's graphite products are widely used in ion implantation and plasma etching equipment due to their excellent heat resistance, thermal conductivity, low impurity content, and resistance to corrosion by ion beams.

In ion implantation, high-purity graphite is used in flight tubes, various slits, electrodes, electrode covers, conduits, and beam terminators. These components need to be resistant to the corrosion caused by ion beams.

In plasma etching, the components of the plasma reaction chamber are exposed to the etching gas, which can cause contamination and corrosion. However, graphite is resistant to corrosion under extreme working conditions such as ion bombardment or plasma, making it an ideal material for plasma etching equipment components, such as graphite electrodes.

SIAMC's high-quality graphite products provide excellent performance and reliability for ion implantation and plasma etching equipment, ensuring the quality and efficiency of semiconductor processing.


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