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  • Fine Grain High Purity Isotropic Graphite
    Fine grain and high strength;
    Excellent thermal shock resistance;
    Good corrosion resistance;
    Good electricity conductivity and thermal conductivity;
    Low ash content, 5ppm available
  • Medium Grain Vibration Molded Graphite Block
    Medium grain vibrated(vibration) molded graphite block has excellent thermal shock resistance, oxidation resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and high temperature stability, as well as suitable electrical conductivity and uniform structure, and is easy to be processed precisely. The ideal inorganic non-metallic material with excellent physical and chemical properties can be used in various harsh high-temperature environments, and has been widely used in photovoltaic, foundry, chemical industry, electronics, non-ferrous metals, high-temperature treatment, ceramics and refractory materials and other industries.
  • Machined Graphite Parts
    With years of experience in graphite machining, SIAMC is committed to providing high-quality graphite products and customized machining services for our customers. Our products are widely used in various fields including semiconductor, photovoltaic, precision mold, industrial furnace, etc. We have a professional technical team and advanced equipment to meet the diverse needs of our customers. In addition, we actively cooperate with renowned research institutions and universities to continuously improve our technology and innovation capabilities. SIAMC is your trusted partner for high-quality graphite products and machining services.
  • Insulation Material And Product
    Our graphite felt insulation material is a high-performance thermal insulation solution for high-temperature applications. It is made from high-purity graphite fibers and offers excellent heat resistance, thermal stability, and insulation properties. With a low thermal conductivity and high-temperature resistance up to 2200℃, our graphite felt is widely used in various industrial applications such as furnace insulation, heat shields, and fire protection systems. In addition, our graphite felt insulation material is lightweight, flexible, and easy to handle, making it an ideal choice for insulation in complex shapes and confined spaces.
  • CFC(carbon fiber reinforced carbon composite) & Felt
    Our carbon-carbon composite material is an ideal solution for the demanding requirements of photovoltaic and semiconductor ingot pulling applications. Made from high-quality carbon fibers and a carbon matrix, our composite material offers superior mechanical strength, thermal stability, and high-temperature resistance up to 3000℃. It has excellent thermal shock resistance, low thermal expansion, and high thermal conductivity, making it an ideal material for applications that require high-precision and stability, such as ingot pulling furnaces. Our carbon-carbon composite material is also lightweight and easy to process, making it a cost-effective and efficient solution for your ingot pulling needs.
  • Porous Graphite
    Our porous graphite is a high-quality material with a density of 1.15 g/cm³ and a porosity of 47%, making it an excellent choice for applications that require high permeability. With an average pore size of 40 microns, it is ideal for filtration, gas diffusion, and catalysis. Additionally, our porous graphite has a compressive strength of 16 MPa, ensuring its durability and reliability. Its unique combination of properties, including high thermal conductivity and chemical stability, makes it an ideal material for various applications in the chemical, petrochemical, and semiconductor industries.
SIAMC Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, with a registered capital of 610 million RMB, and was restructured into a joint stock limited company in 2021.

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