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Semiconductor Application

  • Semiconductor Mono-crystalline Silicon Growing
    Semiconductor mono-crystalline silicon growingSIAMC's high-purity thermal field materials play a crucial role in the manufacturing of silicon semiconductor single crystal furnaces. SIAMC can produce large-size thermal field materials of 36 inches or more, with graphite purity reaching as high as 5 p Read More
  • Electronic Poly-silicon Manufacture
    Electronic poly-silicon manufactureSIAMC's high-purity graphite seed chunk are widely used in the production of electronic-grade polysilicon using the Siemens process. The purity requirement of seed chunk is up to 5ppm. SIAMC's graphite meet this high purity requirement and provide excellent thermal Read More
  • Ion Implantation And Plasma Etching
    Ion implantation and plasma etchingSIAMC's graphite products are widely used in ion implantation and plasma etching equipment due to their excellent heat resistance, thermal conductivity, low impurity content, and resistance to corrosion by ion beams.In ion implantation, high-purity graphite is used Read More
    EPI and MOCVDSIAMC's graphite components and insulation materials are widely used in semiconductor epitaxial equipment due to their excellent thermal and mechanical properties. In epitaxial growth processes, high-purity graphite is used for the hot wall reactor components such as heater, susceptor, Read More
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