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Our company has a strong technical capability in various areas related to graphite and carbon materials. Specifically, we excel in the following areas:
1. Advanced characterization and performance design capabilities for graphite and carbon materials We have state-of-the-art facilities and expertise to thoroughly characterize the physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of graphite and carbon materials. This helps us to tailor their performance for specific applications.
2. Customized and stable manufacturing capability for ultra-large graphite materials using cold isostatic pressing We have advanced equipment and a wealth of experience in producing ultra-large graphite materials with consistent quality. Our cold isostatic pressing technology enables us to manufacture custom-shaped graphite products with unparalleled precision.
3. Advanced temperature control capability for graphite production, including baking and graphitization processes Our precise temperature control system allows us to achieve superior quality and consistency in graphite materials. We have developed a unique process for the baking and graphitization of graphite, which ensures the desired properties are obtained.
4. Ultra-high purity purification capability for graphite and carbon materials We have developed advanced techniques to purify graphite and carbon materials to ultra-high purity levels. This enables us to provide high-quality, contaminant-free materials to meet the demanding requirements of various applications.
5. Surface coating and functional structure design capability for graphite and carbon materials We possess strong capabilities in the design and implementation of surface coatings and functional structures on graphite and carbon materials. This enhances the materials' performance and enables them to meet specific application requirements.
6. AI simulation design capability for graphite applications. We have a team of experts with expertise in AI simulation and modeling of graphite materials and products. This enables us to accurately predict the behavior of materials and optimize their properties for specific applications, leading to efficient and cost-effective product design.

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SIAMC Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, with a registered capital of 610 million RMB, and was restructured into a joint stock limited company in 2021.

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